300 Species is a luxury Italian-Australian swimwear brand for men. Italian crafted, with a splash of Aussie humour.
Smart and laid-back. Elegant and easygoing. Italian and Aussie. It’s premium swimwear, turned upside-down. For any occasion, our species is there.

Beautifully Italian

The hint of perfection

Beautifully Italian

Italian tailoring has that touch of perfection about it, with sleek lines and elegant shapes. 300 Species swimwear is carefully crafted from the finest materials near Lake Como so it has Italian passion stitched in.

Handmade in Italy

Handsewn and handmade in Italy, every short is made with the finest materials from carefully sourced fabric to personalised buttons. Hours of love and dedication go into making each pair of shorts, with meticulous attention to detail.

Amusingly Aussie

Laid-back life

Amusingly Aussie

Australia, or ‘the lucky country’ as she’s also known, is the inspiration for our collection. Surrounded by blue skies and white beaches, it’s no wonder Australians take a light-hearted approach to life.

The twist

A nod, a wink, a cheeky surprise and unexpected smile. We couldn’t bottle the Aussie spirit or the Italian soul so we shook them up, mixed them together and stitched them into our shorts.

Serious swimwear. Laid-back life.